The Racket Bracket vs Wrist Assist

 What’s the Difference between The Racket Bracket vs. Wrist Assist?

There are two key elements when choosing the right tennis training aids, functionality and simplicity. It is important to find a tennis training aid that works and yet easy to use. At a glance, The Racket Bracket may seem to be similar to Wrist Assist, but they are not. Here are the differences:


  • The Racket Bracket provides more restriction than Wrist Assist.
  • While The Racket Bracket still allows just enough wrist movements to execute the fundamentally correct swings, it completely restricts players from moving the wrist incorrectly. Wrist Assist features a string attached from the arm to the racket that contains an elastic band. Tennis swing is such a violent swing, where incorrect wrist movements would cause the elastic band to stretch thus not providing enough restrictions. Also, the string can only block one direction of the wrist movements where The Racket Bracket blocks all direction of the wrist movements because of its circular ring design. Without the proper restriction, it beats the purpose of having the training aid.
  • The Racket Bracket does not allow players to deviate from the correct swings.  
  • Having the restriction is the key for players to be able to focus on the correct swings and allows them to repeat the swings to build their feel and "muscle memory". Once the wrist movement is limited, it is much easier for players to generate the correct swings.
  • The Racket Bracket provides players with instant feedback.
  •  With good amount of restriction from moving the wrist incorrectly, now players must have the proper swings to successfully hit the ball. Players with poor technique who rely on their wrist to generate the swing will not be able to hit the ball at all. Having the wrist isolated, players have to produce their swing using their whole body starting from their feet, legs, hips, and shoulder thus creating a kinetic chain of events.

  • The Racket Bracket changes the player’s focus to how to position him/herself to hit the ball instead of how to hit the ball.
  • With The Racket Bracket, players will find little success in hitting the ball when they are out of position. This will switch their focus to footwork and positioning. In the end, they will have more effective and productive practice.

Easy to Use:

  • The Racket Bracket is very easy to set up and use.
  • Once the bracket is strapped onto the arm, players can simply place the butt end of the grip through the bracket’s opening. Grip change can be done by simply turning the racket to any grips. Wrist Assist requires string to be attached to the racket and string tension must be adjusted accordingly.