Testimonials: Players


Testimonials from players who have benefited from using The Racket Bracket

My name is Frank Pipers and I am 68 years old and play tennis & cardio
tennis routinely 4 -5 times /week. I use tennis as my form of exercise and
staying fit.  Approximately 2 years ago I was afflicted with the dreaded "tennis elbow" and did all the traditional things offered to combat the pain and suffering.
Unfortunately everything worked until I would start playing again and each
subsequent bout of tennis elbow, became worse. The condition got so painful
I had to switch to playing with my other hand for a number of months (and
that was a challenge).  Salvation came when the pro at my club (Mr. Joe Venezia ) read an article in a tennis magazine about the cause and prevention of tennis elbow and suggested I try the Racket Bracket. I was skeptical but went ahead and bought the Racket Bracket online. After a week or so of getting used to playing with the device, I found that I could play tennis again with my dominant hand pain free. I anguished about how long it would be before I started having pain again but the device put my arm /body into the proper alignment and after 9 months of playing 5X/week I am still pain free, not to mention a considerably better tennis player. Most recently I have started to play without the Racket Bracket and have found that the proper alignment techniques I developed while wearing the device have been subconsciously incorporated into my game and I am weaning myself
from constantly wearing/playing with the Racket Bracket. I cannot thank you enough for this device, the principals are sound, it has really helped me continue to play and I have recommended this device to anyone that has asked " what is that your wearing ?"

Dr. Frank Pipers, Florida

The Racket Bracket is a great for people who had wrist injuries and are trying to get
back into the game. I had ulnar wrist issues and the Wrist Bracket really helped me
to correct my form and my wrist pains are gone. I also found out that the wrist
brace also qualifies under the Flexible Spending Account item if you have wrist
injuries. *They may ask for a doctor's note.

J. Chu:Palo Alto, CA

My experience changed dramatically after the first two times that I used it and I am glad I persisted with it because when I used it for the first time, I couldn't hit a single ball over the net. Based on your trial policy, I said "hey I’ve got nothing to lose, it seems like my technique is far from perfect so I’ll persist" and sure enough a few weeks later I actually have a backhand swing now which I never had before. A month ago, every time a ball was hit to my backhand, all I could do is hope to lob the ball over the net to keep it in play and pray that my opponent made the most ridiculous unforced error as I didn't have the right swing or wrist position. Now thanks to the Racket Bracket with my wrist position in place I was forced to correct my feet and body position as well to make the shot and everything seems to be clicking at a very rapid pace, probably faster than a coach could teach you because they can tell you all they want, but they cant do what the Racket Bracket does which is to physically hold your wrist in place when you execute the shot! So far I have seen the most improvements in my backhand and volley's at the net and I recommend anyone that's serious about improving their game to get this product. In fact, I would go beyond that and say that even experienced players can benefit from this product, here's how. Sometimes even experienced players play lazy shots where they don't bend when they are supposed to or just have bad days when they just can’t seem to get their feet moving. By strapping on the Racket Bracket to practice before a match, they can get their muscle memory for feet, body and wrist position going again as it would serve them as a reminder of what they need to correct on that particular day.

SK: Texas

"I have only been playing seriously for about 3 years. I had great days and not so great days. I would make really "stupid" plays playing with very good players. I tried all of the "mental" aids because it seemed like it was attitude. I took some lessons .During the lesson, I would play great, but the feeling was never put into words. I purchased The Racket Bracket about 1 week ago. As soon as I started using it, I got the immediate feedback on "feel" for the game. I’m not 100% there yet but the confidence it has given me is fantastic. You see before, the mental programs never worked because my fundamentals were wrong. Now I get it. My forehands have always been a strength, but now with the added footwork, WOW. My backhands have always been an issue but I hit 8 great backhands in my first 2 days including a "perfect" one. Volleys have improved and I didn't even practice them. I am on my way, thanks to The Racket Bracket. "

Hilton Block: West Hills, CA

"I am 62 now and have been playing tennis at least twice a week since I was 16. You can say I am addicted to tennis. Over the years, I've had many lessons, read many books, seen videos, etc. This time I bought the Racket Bracket. At 62 you do not believe in miracles, but the Racket Bracket comes very close to one. What a revelation. I expected in my afterlife that Petrus would tell me the secret of tennis. But he did already! I thank you from deep inside me that I am able to see the light."

Leo Ambtman: The Netherlands

"Growing up, my brothers and my dad always tried helping me with my swing and grip but I never understood what I was doing wrong. I recently tried the Racket Bracket and instantly understood the incorrect movements I was making with my wrist. Even with years of incorrect form the racket bracket quickly demonstrated and corrected my form. It is a very helpful training device."

Lily: beginner level

"I'm very satisfied with your tennis tool because it has helped me a lot, especially in playing the forehand without using my wrist. With the help of the Racket Bracket, I can concentrate on other aspects of the game such as timing, footwork, bending my knees,... et cetera. My game has improved already."

Arie: TheNetherlands

"The Racket Bracket was a great help in reworking my backhand. By keeping my wrist in a fixed position, it forced me to adapt my body position to hit proper strokes. Even after removing it, I have a better feel for the proper motion, which translates into one less thing to think about on the court."

Scott: 4.0 player

"I played varsity tennis and tournaments in high school. At the time I considered myself to be a pretty decent player but over the years my racket collected dust in the closet and my once strong baseline game disintegrated. I was amazed at how quickly the Racket Bracket helped me relocate my forehand and backhand. It also helped me refine my always weak backhand volley. The Racket Bracket forces you to keep a firm wrist and hit the ball with proper form."

Noah: 4.5 player

"The Racket Bracket delivers! I am thrilled with the quick results. It's rewarding to improve my strokes in just a few practice sessions. The Racket Bracket has improved my footwork too! I can see footwork results instantly because the Racket Bracket keeps my stroke consistent as I practice my footwork."

Pam: 3.5 player

"I have had a great experience with the Racket Bracket in improving my volleys. Sometimes I have a tendency in moving my wrist on my volleys and when I used the Racket Bracket it forced me to keep my wrist still and stable. It led me to a better footwork by moving my feet forward through the contact point which resulted in crisper volleys."

Mike: former collegiate player

"This thing does everything it claims it will! I made great stride on my backhand and forehand too. I noticed right away how much I need to move and position myself to get to the correct and consistent contact point because it didn't allow me to reach or hit a ball late. It just makes so much sense."

Dave: 3.5 player

"I always wanted to improve my chip return, and this device really helps. It keeps my wrist firm and doesn't allow me to drop my racket which I normally do. At first, I couldn't get crisp return, and realized that I wasn't moving forward as I hit my return. The device allows me to focus on my feet movement and not worry about my racket movement."

Jerry: 5.0 player

"I have a bad habit of flicking my wrist to hit the forehand which I know that it's not good but I can't get rid of it. When I first tried the Racket Bracket, I couldn't hit my normal forehand because it didn't let me flick my wrist anymore. I was basically forced to have the right follow through or the ball was not going anywhere. After using it a few more times, I started to build better follow through and better feel of the stroke. I'm now on my way to getting a better forehand."

Amy: 3.5 player

"My tennis buddies were making fun of me at first when they saw me using the Racket Bracket. Not only did it improve my volleys, but it also gave me the thought process on how to approach the volleys. Recently, they've been using my Racket Bracket to improve their strokes."

Ajay: 4.5 player

"If you have a two handed backhand you want to improve, give this tool a try. At first I was a bit skeptical about it, but I was impressed by how well it has helped my two handed backhand. Now I can really feel that I'm using my body and shoulder more to hit the ball and it has improved my form and consistency."

Kris: 4.0 player

"The Racket Bracket is an awesome training device. It gave me the feel of stability I needed to correct my swing. Once I established the proper swing, I was able to improve my footwork! "

Melissa: 3.5 player